Need help - my head hurts :-(

I performed the following tute…ublish.asp
and I continue to have problems - I’ve been working with my hosting company for a week and I’ve have a headache - I used a ftp tool to send the files over public_html index_html - (that worked file) what happens is this the background color from frontpage will load and the stage from flash will load but it only displays a white box the size of the movie properties - I’m willing to send anyone that can help my .swf. ,fla and userid and access code to my hosting company - I’ve decided to cancel my hosting if can’t get it to work right now - no need to waste money on something that will not work - one last thing - when using frontpage alone and making a pages with embedded clipart - it works fine - the only problem is my photoshop and flash will not show up - thanks in advance

FrontPage(my opinion only) isnt that good when you are using Macromedia products(ie. Flash). FrontPage doesnt give you a insert flash option(and you are needing to insert it manually)…Try buying DreamWeaver 4, DreamWeaver UD 4(these are site editor products, which are made by Macromedia) or one of us will be glad to help you out with anything you are needing help with. Reply if you need anything at all…

Well… Element… I’d say your correct, except that buying a new product just to insert swfs is not really an option for most people. :slight_smile:

To answer the question as well as I can… if you’re seeing the white box of the swf player, then you’re almost on the money. Make sure of the following

A) that you uploaded the swf file.

B) by default the publish settings from flash assume that the swf is in the same exact folder as the html. So, if you’re cuting and pasting the code from the published html, then make sure that the swf is in the same folder.

get back to me if that isn’t it

thanks for responding - yes the .swf file is in there and yesy I have Dreamweaver - never used it but I’m sure I can try to figure it out - last but not least, upuaut8 I’m willing to give you access to my control panel just post your email address and maybe you can see something I did wrong - Thanks - I’m on my way off to work and I don’t have access to kirupa message boards - they blocked it so I can follow up with you about 4:30pm pacific standard time - Thanks gang - and please please post any info on dreamweaver that you think may help me - what about go live - is that an html editor as well -

Hey dude,

Dreamweaver UD 4 is pretty rad. it gives you the power of a barebones editor as well as a little wysiwyg. I haven’t really like the adobe products for html stuff other than PS and Illustrator.

hey you guys I figured it out - I used WS_FTP and I realized I was sending the files over as binary instead of ascii and that’s why it didn’t show up - Thanks

Hehe, congrats man. Glad you finally got it :wink: …if you need anything else…we are always up for helping you. Lata!

Upuaut–Yes, that is true(about buying another product to insert .swf’s), but it would help in his overall production of his site(company?) because DreamWeaver comes with so much more capabilities(in most parts) then FrontPage and are ALOT easier to find on DW…on top of that more people are using Macromedia products for designing, which most people would be better off getting DreamWeaver versions…I think Macromedia products are much more efficiant(and easier to use) than Microsoft products…

These of course are my opinions, cause these are what I use for my company :wink:

lol… I dont’ disagree… I use DWUD and I love the program.