Frontpage and flash prob

I performed the following tute…ublish.asp \rand I continue to have problems - I’ve been working with my hosting company for a week and I’ve have a headache - I used a ftp tool to send the files over public_html index_html - (that worked file) what happens is this the background color from frontpage will load and the stage from flash will load but it only displays a white box the size of the movie properties - I’m willing to send anyone that can help my .swf. ,fla and userid and access code to my hosting company - I’ve decided to cancel my hosting if can’t get it to work right now - no need to waste money on something that will not work - one last thing - when using frontpage alone and making a pages with embedded clipart - it works fine - the only problem is my photoshop and flash will not show up - thanks in advance

Hey aikam,\rThat is a strange problem. Try this and tell me if you see Flash:\r1.) Publish your Flash animation.\r2.) Use FrontPage and open the HTML file Flash created (in the folder as your animation)\r3.) You should see the animation displayed in FrontPage.\r\rIf you see the animation displayed in FrontPage, all it takes is for you to copy the animation displayed from your page and paste that animation into the HTML of the page on your site. Finally, upload the file and make sure you check to see if uploading in binary might solve your problems. If your FTP program doesn’t have that option, don’t worry about it :slight_smile: