Need help on embeded fonts


I would like to know if there is any way I could embed a font type?

I really like this font type and when I publish it and look at a different computer which does not have the font type, the font changes to Arial. So my question is if I could embed a font so that it stays the same regardless which computer I use.

I really need help. Thanks.


yeah. go make your dynamic text (which i assume you’re gonna use it for…) and click that “[…]” button in the text options. that’ll include your whole font with the swf. mind you, the swf will be bigger in size cause it carries the WHOLE font with it.

Is there any other way to do it? Because I will be using the font for the buttons and headlines only.

oh sure. just type out the button label or whatever. the font will be included when you export it. as for the headlines, you might want to use the dynamic text thing.

You can also break text apart using ctrl+B. This too will add size to the file. Best to play around with both methods and see which comes out smaller after publishing.