Need help on "pushing" swf files!

Hi everyone!

I’m creating a site that contains 3 seperate panels to display all the information. I want to make the panel in the middle at a different size for every file it displays. But i need the third panel to move accordingly! Understand? So that the second panel sort of push the third panel to the side when it gets bigger, and pulls it in when it gets smaller… Kind of hard to explain…

tips, or links to tutorials on this would be great! I’ve been searching for some time, but i dunno what words to use in my searches…


you can use something like this:

onClipEvent(enterFrame) {
this._x = center._width+10;

that should do exactly what you want :wink:

Hmm… Is that the code for moving my swf to the right? Or to resize a panel? Sorry, I’m totally new to this. I’ve never attempted anything similar…

Thanks alot btw:)

edit: I need one swf to push the other smoothly to the right…

you could use that code and change the this’s to the swf container and delete the width change stuff