Need help opening a swf inside a swf

ok… i’m not sure if it can be done, but i have a webpage that is entirely flash… there is a news section that needs to be updated pretty often but i dont want to have to upload the whole page every time i want to update just this one section… so what i would like to know is is it possible to open a swf file or another webpage in another swf file… kinds like when you have frames in a normal webpage and you can make other webpages that appear in the part without the navigation bar… thankd

you can use loadMovie there is a tutorial on this site somewhere. Or you can load text from HTML into a dynamic text field. not sure how to do that one…

For the task which you wish to accomplish, I recommend loading variables (the news) into a dynamic text box (this is the technique a lot of people use, including myself). That way you only have to edit the text file and not have to touch the swf file (which takes longer to upload anyway). There’s a number of ways to do this, you can start by checking out the tutorials section of this site or search and select one of the dozens of textbox tutorials at

ok, i tried to find a turorial for what i want to do… but i couldnt do it… i dont know what the technique that i am looking for is called…
heres what i wantr to do… you know when you make a normal html webpage in dreamweaver or frontpage, you can use frames to have a navigation bar on one side and then the webpage on the other? then when you click on one of the links in the navigation bar, another webpage is displayed on theright while the navigation bar on the left remains the same. is it possible to do something like that in flash? could you have other webpages open up inside a box created in your swf file?

Actually yes…its quite a long process but it can be done…check this small gaming team(clan) layout that I made for somebody awhile back…tell me if this is what you were looking for…this was a half finished layout…but it might be what you are looking for…if it is…ill give you the tutorial on it…

URL - Clan Venomous(RuneScape Game Clan)