Need help! please read

Hello friends,

I am a student at a highschool grade in Denmark. We are gonna write our BIG project in datalogi. We must make an homepage in Flash and maybe other helping programs for designs like (Director, DreamwaverUltraDev, Photoshope, 3Dsmax, Swift3D and others)
My project is to make an Online Pizza website like this one but the point is to make it in flash.
Can I use the source codes from dominos and paste it into flash.
I have Generator too can I use it for someting.
I am not very familier with Flash.
If someone HELP me please, becouse this is the Bigest broject and the number we get is going to be in our exam shet.
If someone help me or do it a little and send me the fla file I would be your slave…
Please tell me if you need anything…

Hi there
The only thing that you could ‘copy and paste’ from the existing dominoes into Flash are:

The images on the site - use the File>Import in Flash to bring in outside graphics.

The links to external pages - On the Dominoes pizza site go to View>Source and copy the link you want and then paste this into your button in Flash.

I think that you really should just get straight into Flash as there is not much you can use from the Dominoes site.
If you are really desperate for this project to come togeather then maybe i could build and lay out a simple Flash movie for you and then send you the Fla file for you to carry on working with.

Best of luck whatever you do!