Need help scripting =(

Hey all, I’m working on this scroller that has two arrows, one pointing left on the left side and on pointing right on the right side. If the mouse goes over either arrow, a picture slide will scroll in the same direction. I’ve got it to easy out when the slide reaches the very beginning or end. Now, let me see if I can descript the problem correctly.

The problem is that suppose I scrolled to the right and move the mouse off the right arrow, I want the slide to easy out as well. Right now it just stops abruptly. Also, after the slide stops, and I move the mouse over the right arrow again, I want it to easy in. Right now it will easy out ONLY if it reaches the beginning or the end of the slide. I have some bound checking to do that, but I don’t know how to make it ease in/out in the middle. I hope Im making sense. Anyway here’s the project. I followed a tutorial from, it’s the picture gallery tutorial. I modified it a little big.

Thanks for any help!