Looping image slider scroller thing with arrows that you click with your hands

hope the title of the post was descriptive enough?
i need to make one of these image scroller things, click the left arrow and all the images scroll left and the one in the middle gets bigger, scroll right and all the images scroll right and the one in the middle gets bigger, if an image reaches the either end of the stage it should re-position itself back at the end or beginning of the image line up.

make sense?

anyway, for the life of me i just can’t seem to crack it, i’ve tried a few approaches but all seem a bit “in-line” i wanna use for loops and arrays and stuff… but i’m not smart enough!

can someone please help me out, attached is a semi working version with all the scrolling it just doesn’t re-position the beginning or end image when they move off stage.

help, help, help please!