Need help with Explosion on Collision Detection

Hey, i need help with my school project… We are making a game and the one i tried to make isnt workin out. Its a simple laser game that is fired from a “rocket” that is your curser. I temperarily have only one “enemy” flying across until i can get it to work. I have the actions for simple collision detection between the laser and the enemy… I also have a text at the bottem displaying “collision detection” or “no collision”… It works only on the first shot of the laser… Im gunna have it posted so u can see what im talking about. Please upload it and help me out… Thanks~

copy and paste

Could you possily just post the code and the .swf… I can help you out alot faster if you do that… I hate sorting through messy .fla files… Bah…

Sorry… I think I know the problem… But I need to see the code to help :wink: