Need help with foto gallery


ive readed the turtorial and ive done what their was standing, but i get this message

Error opening URL “file:///C|/DOCUME%7E1/Charley/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/287_20.jpg,LHFapriliaGP2002.jpg,Mercedes.jpg,f247.jpg,kopf.gif,sof2-005.jpg,p1.gif,e9c5.gif,diablo%202.gif,dragon.gif287_20.jpg”

if i do test movie,

in my action script their is standing this

//Code written by sbeener (suprabeener)
i wrote this code, but you can use and abuse it however you like.
the methods are defined in the order which they occur to make it
easier to understand.
// variables ------------------------------------------
// put the path to your pics here, include the slashes (ie. “pics/”)
// leave it blank if they’re in the same directory
this.pathToPics =
// fill this array with your
this.pArray = [“287_20.jpg”, “LHFapriliaGP2002.jpg”, “Mercedes.jpg”, “f247.jpg”, “kopf.gif”, “sof2-005.jpg”, “p1.gif”, “e9c5.gif”, “diablo%202.gif”, “dragon.gif”];
this.fadeSpeed = 20;
this.pIndex = 0;
// MovieClip methods ----------------------------------
// d=direction; should 1 or -1 but can be any number
//loads an image automatically when you run animation
MovieClip.prototype.changePhoto = function(d) {
// make sure pIndex falls within pArray.length
this.pIndex = (this.pIndex+d)%this.pArray.length;
if (this.pIndex<0) {
this.pIndex += this.pArray.length;
this.onEnterFrame = fadeOut;
MovieClip.prototype.fadeOut = function() {
if (>this.fadeSpeed) { -= this.fadeSpeed;
} else {
MovieClip.prototype.loadPhoto = function() {
// specify the movieclip to load images into
var p =;
p._alpha = 0;
this.onEnterFrame = loadMeter;
MovieClip.prototype.loadMeter = function() {
var i, l, t;
l =;
t =;
if (t>0 && t == l) {
this.onEnterFrame = fadeIn;
} else {
MovieClip.prototype.fadeIn = function() {
if (<100-this.fadeSpeed) { += this.fadeSpeed;
} else { = 100;
this.onEnterFrame = null;
// Actions -----------------------------------------
// these aren’t necessary, just an example implementation
this.onKeyDown = function() {
if (Key.getCode() == Key.LEFT) {
} else if (Key.getCode() == Key.RIGHT) {

I think it’s the target were my pictures ar stored…
And i diden’t past all the pictures in the flash file …

Thx if you can help me, grtz charley

i havent yet dun that tutorial but iwould imagine u have to import all the pics to the movie just do it exactly as the tute says and u sould be ok if your a newbie to flash then just do it as it is then try ediing it to you own style

// variables ------------------------------------------ 
// put the path to your pics here, include the slashes (ie. "pics/") 
// leave it blank if they're in the same directory 
this.pathToPics = "";

When he says leave it blank, Supra doesn’t mean that you just put nothing. You have got to declare it as an empty string, that is to say “”. Hence the code I wrote. In your code, the problem is that this.pathToPics = pArray, so everything is, well, not working.

pom :asian:

what must i put their then??

Well, what I put in my post : an empty string “”.

pom :asian: