Need help with Preloader!

I really need help with Preloader as i know nuts and very hard to find the codes
around also…>.<

I have tried and done a trial with the following codes
which is not in english language…This really gives me a headache…

lb = _root.getBytesLoaded();
tb = _root.getBytesTotal();
tb_proz1 = _root.getBytesTotal()/100;
tb_proz = tb_proz1 * proz;
if (lb > tb_proz) {
 proz = proz + 1;
 loader.fortschritt.prozent = proz add '%';
 tellTarget ("loader") {
if (proz == 100) {
 tellTarget ("_root") {

Attached would be the fla file i tried to work out with…
Thanks in advance…:slight_smile: