Need help with ((sephiroth's color picker component) + (as & oop))


i picked up an open source component from ( but i do not know how to implmenet it within a class.

my class extends a movie clip. i attach the said movie (which include the color picker component) on the stage. im simply trying to get something to happen when the color is selected, but i dont undersatnd event broadcasters, no matter how much i read about them

class colorPickerTest {
    // variables
    var picker:MovieClip;
    var pickerListener:Object;
    // constructor
    function colorPickerTest () {
        AsBroadcaster.initialize (this.picker);
        this.pickerListener = new Object();
        this.picker.addListener (this.pickerListener);
        this.pickerListener.change = function (colorPickerObject) {
            trace  ("color has changed");

can anybody help me out here?