Need help with Sizing Stage

I have been trying to find a way to resize the stage (not dynamically) before publishing an SWF file, to cut out parts of the stage I don’t use …

My problem is - when I use the movie properties to do this, my stuff isn’t always centered, so it cuts off parts of it … and when I try to re-align, it takes forever - and more often than not, it gets out of alignment …

is there some sort of “crop” function that I am unaware of?

  • Wasaabi -

Don’t think so. But I think Flash starts reducing from the right bottom. So if you select your whole movie and move it to the top left corner, it should work. I know, it sucks, but hey !, that’s why there had to be a Flash 6.


try this:

set a timeline dedicated to the background shape.
make sure it is all the way in the back.
next, publish your swf, blah blah blah.

now open up the html with the swf in it.
find "Embedded Scripts and Applets not allowed

sorry thoriphes…guess ezboard didn’t allow what you said! Did you check the HTML box? I often check the preview box before posting anything that contains code in it…ezboard is very ridiculous when it comes to scripts!