Need info on MSI Motherboard

[SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana]Ok… there is no easy way to say this soo… I have a model 865GM2-LS MSI motherboard. I am connecting things everywhere and everything is going pretty easy until I get to the Power LED cable which is the light that turns on when your power is on. [COLOR=DarkRed]The problem I have is my case is Power LED connector is 2 wire(pin) and 3 prongs with the middle prog hollow and my motherboard only allows for a 2 pin.[/COLOR] Is the anybody that has had the same problem with MSI boards in the past or is there anyway to get around this other than stripping the wire. Anyhelp would be wonderful.[/FONT][/SIZE] :thumb:

Thank you very much. What I ended up doing about 3 weeks ago was I just cut the middle socket out and taped the 2 together. Was a severe pain in the æss because the 3 pin socket is SOO small. I had to use a science kit just to see the thing when i was working on it. MSI has the worse customer suppot in existence. Great products though.