Need major help for new client project!(HTML)

Hey people…anyone feeling particularly helpful today?? HOPE SO

new client and i were discussing what he wants - he basically wants his site to have almost the same alyout as BLOCKBUSTERS site -

can someone with experience please view source and explain some of the terms and how it is done??

or if you are feeling SUPER helpful - view source, write as many comments as you can, and post or send it to me?? ■■■■ thats alot to ask - o well

i may be in over my head here as i know basic HTML - but hell, i told him i could do it I NEED THE ■■■■ MONEY!!

thx in advance for ANY help

What exactly are you asking help for? just the layout???

that layout is rather simple. just open dreamweaver and draw a 4x3 table (4rows and 3 cols) and merge the first row and there you have it… the top row is the header (logo) left col, menu, center col content, and right col the other menu… simple…

hope it helps.

<table align="center" width="750" height="100%" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" border="0">
    <td colspan="3">header</td>
    <td>right menu</td>

something like that, dont know why i said 4x3 :stuck_out_tongue:

just mess up with that code man.

you can always add another table inside that one… but dont add to much, that makes the page slow…

thx, ill try it out!
yea just basically the layout he wants with his own colors and info, etc