Need some advice on what to do

Hi everybody!

Well I’ll start by explaining my situation, I’m going to school now this year, but the deal is that I’m moving and will have to start school again next year, so I think that I’m partly wasting my time in school. I know all that crap that what you learn you never lose or whatever it is in english… But I figuered I could learn something more useful, until I start school again next year!

So what I wanted to ask you guys is if you can give me some advice on what might be fun and exciting to learn, I’m mainly interested in programming. The time that I would have to learn this would be about 4 months. There is this great C++ class that would be perfect, but I can’t afford it. I’m willing to spend money on books, but I can’t spend more then 200€.

I thought that maybe learning Linux would be fun and useful.

Oh, I know this already: php, MySQL, AS1.0 & 2.0, javascript, HTML, CSS… That’s about it.

Thanks a lot everyone!