Need some guidence


just wondering if anyone cAn help me out with my pic,
i have gotten a picture aNd i wanna put a rip in it, the one i got iin the photo isn’t thAt good so i was wondering if anyone knew any cool tips and tricks about getting a cool looking rip.


What you have is pretty good. Way to much shadow where the rip is, maybe curl the bottom a litte? and make the the part where it’s ripped a little more jagged on the edges cause right now it looks more like a cut than a rip.


what you have is awesome - just too dark, and its unclear with the bandage whats going on underneath - and ther for a second i couldnt tell what the metal thing was -

you have the rip down though - just work on that shadow.

hey guys thanks for the feedbAck, i have been working on it a little trying to get this rip just right lol …

okie this is what i have for ya hope it is better then my other trial


Yea looks good man. Shading is a lot better, still looks like the rip is to “perfect” to me and not natural enough, I would also bulge the part on the rip just slightly more to give it a look like it raised. The green light thing is awkward maybe put some haze on that, and more ethereal, make it look like light more. Composition is great though. It’s gettin there, I’m feelin it.