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One more

hi there…

i like the effect on the first one, but it doesn’t really remind me of torn paper. Also, i don’t really like the shape of the ‘paper’ it’s on, but i think the effect itself is nice, and could be used well - maybe as transition between pics?

the second one looks like a good start, maybe try to develop it more (either by putting some more 3d stuff in, or integrating that into another pic)

nice work :tb:

i’m opposite of iLikePie -

I think the 2nd is better. It’s cleaner and done better than the
paper one. I think the paper one needs more work to get the
right effect. To be honest, I wouldn’t have thought to be paper
unless you had named it that.

Both are good tho, I just like the 2nd better. =)


Thanks for the suggestions. The paper is slighly skewed in the top portion and in the bottom portion to give the effect of folded effect. May be i have to work on it more.

Thanks anyway! :slight_smile: