Need some help on Simulation Project

Hi, I’m not sure if this is possible but I’ll try and explain. I have 20 separate AVI’s converted into 20 separate SWF’s. They will be training videos for work. What I want to happen is when the user clicks the Video 7 button for instance, the user will be transported to another HTML page where a blank SWF movie awaits and loads video 7. When the video is over flash will send that person to another HTML page and he get Credit for that video. Then lets say he clicks on Video 14 and the process starts all over again. I guess the main question is " how can I load movie 7 for example into the blank movie by clicking the movie 7 or any of the other movies. The Blank would have no load movie function, it would just fire them to another HTML page at the end and give them credit for the specific movie they watched, so the code will have to be in each of the 1-20 video’s…any ideas or code knowledge to accomplish this?


sounds like you will have 20 html pages with 20 swfs. On each swf you will use their selection to direct them to a specific page. If you want to track how many movies they have watched, you should use the new MX feature which is similar to cookies. It is called Shared Objects. That way, you can track how many movies they have watched. If you want to give the appropriate credit, you could enable the Shared objects code once they reach the last frame of the playing movie. (just a suggestion)

for more on shared objects…

Thanks a lot for your suggestion! I already had considered using all 20 HTML pages for the 20 swf’s, however I was trying to avoid that by loading them individually into one blank and then at the end have it unload and fire off to the credit page. The only thing I can figure is have the 20 buttons in the blank and have them load into levels in the blank. I just don’t know of anyway to tell a swf to load into a blank. Thanks again!!! JesseH

Doh! Yeah… that would work

one html page that has the main.swf

the main.swf can load one of the 20 movies into an empty clip. You could code the main movie so that when the last frame of one of the 20 movies is reached, it kicks off that value for the shared object we mentioned.

That would do it. I can’t believe I actually said 20 pages.
This solution will give you one html page.

Does that help?

Sure does thanks, I think were on the same page now. the only thing I really don’t know is if you can reverse the process. for instance have movie 7 load into the blank on its own, without the blank telling it to, with a load movie funtion. Can you tell a swf to load into a blank? have the code in the avi movie swf’s not the blank. Thanks again!!! JesseH

If I understand you correctly, the answer is Yes, you can.

on a particular frame in your avi, make do a loadmovie(“mc.swf”,“target”);

you will have to build the appropriate login into each movie so you have the flexibility you are describing.

Hmm, sounds interesting, can you give me an example? let’s say load movie 7 into the blank. Now remember the user will have to choose movie 7 from a list of 20, so how would we do that? make a flash button that would load movie 7 into the blank? I guess I need to see an example of code to understand how this would be done. so it would be the user pushes a button and training video 7 loads into a blank, if you can give me some code to look at I would appreciate it!!! thanks!!! JesseH

Hi again, I tried to do a loadMovie(“main.swf”, “main”); in the first frame of the avi movie and load it into the blank called main. However it did what I thought it would do. It loaded the blank into the avi, thanks again for a good try! I’ll have think of another way to do it, or do it in ColdFusion instead of Flash. Nice talking with you!!! JesseH