Need some ideas here folks

I have a “Home Theatre in a Box” system here that i got like 2 Christmas’ ago. When it was purchased there was a warranty purchased with it… a 3 year warranty. Pretty much the warranty is that if anything goes wrong with the system and it’s not fixable within a short amount of time they will give me a brand new one of the same or better if they dont make that model anymore.

What I would like to do is “tamper” with it so I can take it back and get a new one. it seems that my electronic’s collection has gotten to be too much for the little guy and I need a new one. I figure I can just upgrade when I trade the “broken” one in.

Do you guys know any way I could go about this? I thought about just spilling some water onto it while it was on or something like that but I wasnt sure. Anyone have any ideas :whistle:


I’ve moved this before anyone has a chance to answer…


I PM’d Tuknuk about this…

I really didn’t see this as a big deal, but then again when is the last time I actually surfed the forum to moderate lol.

well, he is asking how to manipulate the manufacturer’s warranty…


eh…I really don’t know how to deem this one. It’s neither good nor bad in my eyes.

isn’t that how we decide?

if it is illegal, we don’t talk about it here?

Trying to manipulate the manufacturer’s warranty is insurance fraud, and if large enough could be a felony…

I really don’t care. put this back out in public if you want.


I really just wanted to post, that was it. I really don’t give half a d****amn if it’s there or not.

I am the ghost in the mists. :stuck_out_tongue:

Moving that here was the best thing. If he wasn’t planning on returning it for a refund, there is nothing wrong with him trying to do whatever he wants with it. He is cheating the company…eventually using our help…:jail:

When I pm’d Tuknuk about this, he was very cool about it, and even suspected it was going to happen.