Need to show / hide a dialog box

Hi This is my first post. Kind of new to flash, at least interactivity wise. No actionscript experience.

I’m wanting to make a US map with clickable points. When you click on a point or dot, a rounded corner frame box pops up in front. If I have 50 points to click, will this be 50 movie clips with visibility set to none, until their respective point is clicked?

Any short cuts there, or ways to animate the box in,like a bubbly animation, scripted and not for each individual one? What about a close button at the top of each of these frames. Will I need 50 of everything?

I guess what I need is some direction. How would you do this? It’s going to be a box with text and a single image on a sales rep for that territory in each frame pop up. Hopefully want to do this in one single swf file.