Movieclips visible/invisible

HI -
I’m pretty new to Flash and I could need some help.
Here is what I want to do.
I have a hand animation counting from 1-5. Next to each finger appears a word which acts as a button. As soon as I click on a button another animation should start with a box and some content which can be closed by clicking on a close button. Got it so far?
This is how I solved it so far.
On my stage I created a movieclip with the hand animation and the buttons.
In this movieclip I created another movieclip with a box animation. I set it to invisible:


On a button I wrote the following script to start the box animation which works fine:

on(press) {


The problem I have now is that I want this box to be invisible again. In the box movieclip I created a close button. I want to tell this button to close the entire box as soon as I click on it. To be honest I don’t quite get when to use _parent, this or _root but I tried all of them and none would work.
What am I doing wrong?