[NeedHelp]AS3 and MXML project in Flex 2

[CENTER]Hey guys! (First time asking for help here hehe…) I have to make a project for school. It will be like a tutorial, but into an application. I already made a part of it in MXML and a bit of action script but I encountered a few problems that are over my newbie limits. So the Flex Builder 2 makes a SFW file, in the main folder of the “project”.

I want to make that SWF file my main executable file. I have a folder with some pics, and another folder with Action Script Files. The code lvl that I know atm is ABSOLUTE BEGINER… I don know how to make my SWF file have a specific name when I run it.Here is a picture of a training exercices that should make thing more clear:

Some people told me that I should use a HexEditor and stuff. Is it ture(what u think?).

[CENTER] Next problem. I dont know how to make the Stage to be fix. I mean… I dont want the stage to be resizeble. I tryed to change the stagescalemode but that wasn’t it. I toke a look at the help files of Flex from the net, about the Resize action and SystemManegment, but I didn’t find out what I wantend. Maybe it’s something simple, but I got tired of searching and decidet to ask for help here.

I think the issue is about ActionScript. If not… So sry for posting in the wrong section. :shifty:

Thx for u’re time and help!

Agilius Out.