Nested dynamic textbox will not display text

Hi All,

Having a weird problem with my flash file (MX 2004).
I am loading an XML file in, and have no problems parsing the data into arrays etc.

I have 2 textboxes. 1 textbox is for debugging, it is in the root timeline (_root.testfield_txt). 1 more is inside a movie clip. 2 movie clips deep to be exact (_root.map_mc.infobox_mc.info_txt).

both testfield and infobox are dynamic textboxes, html enabled, font is arial, and i have embedded NO characters.

I have setup a rollover handler to display the text i loaded from my XML, which is a mix of english and korean text. I set it up to display in both the testfield and also the info field by using a simple textbox.htmlText = mytext.

testfield: the text will ALWAYS display correcty, both english and korean.
infobox: NO text appears. Only if i embed the characters (Uppercase and Lowercase) will the english text display. Korean text still comes out as blank or squares.

I am also tracing the output, and both show the same output text. I just can’t see anything in the infobox if i don’t embed anything.

Why will I only see the infobox if i embed characters when it obviously works without even needing to embed any? (ie. testfield works fine, english and korean)

Is it because it’s nested too deep?

Any and all help will be much appreciated :slight_smile:
My apologies for the long post. Have spent half a day with this already :frowning: