Nested Movie clip buttons inside eachother

Hello everyone,

I have figured out how to get nested movie clip buttons to work for me in my application.
I just have 2 problems and maybe some of you amazing guys could help little old me.

I used…ttoncapturing/ and used their bubbling code.

It is crazy but it works pretty well.

  1. My first problem is this. In the code you have an area where it seems that you apply a action you want on that event.
 // react based on which event is being received.
        case "onRelease":"", "_parent");
        case "onRollOver":
        case "onDragOver":
        case "onRollOut":

The problem I’m having is that onRelease the Action is applied to all the buttons and not the one the mouse is over. I want each child button and the parent button to have a different action for each onRelease. Any Help???

Problem #2.
There is small glitch with the Parent onRollOut. It’s small but does anyone know how to fix it?

Again thank you for looking at this. Make sure you unzip the package and open up the file marked Header.