Netscape 8.0 Released

[font=Arial]The new netscape sounds like thier trying to hold the neutral position between the two by utilizing the best parts of the two.
I’m fine with firefox at the moment, but its an intresting release.

America Online today released the all-new Netscape 8.0

Netscape 8.0 automatically checks to see if the site is on a constantly-updated “black list” of thousands of suspected virus, scam, or spyware sites or a “white list” of more than 150,000 Web sites that have been certified as legitimate by VeriSign and TRUSTe. If the site appears on either list, the browser automatically adjusts its security settings and rendering engine. The browser also blocks access to suspected dangerous sites with a warning screen and disables potentially dangerous functionality on those sites.

By putting the IE engine inside Netscape, the developers hope to avoid many of the rendering problems that Firefox users experience visiting sites designed specifically for Internet Explorer.
web browser. Netscape 8.0 automatically adjusts safety and security settings as user explores the Web. Netscape 8.0 is a ‘hybrid’ browser. Based on Firefox 1.0.3, it seamlessly and automatically switches between the rendering engines used by the Firefox and IE browsers.