Networking confussion

I need to know how to share internet connection for my aptop and desktop

Heres wat i meant

Laptop----Desktop-----Router-----DSL modem

So i want my laptop to be connected to my desktop and use the same internet connection of my desktop AND THROUGH the desktop. Right now my desktop can go to the internet but my laptop that i connect using an Ethernet cable to my desktop doesnt work. Can someone help?

Dude, just get the DSL router (should really have cable, but if you can’t get that…), plug the modem into the router (if your modem isn’t one in the same with your router), then desktop and laptop to the router.
Don’t worry about the company you get your DSL from is going to see you have 2 computers attatched. Most home networking routers come with NAT(? this that’s it) technology, it masks the IP address, so the outside thinks there’s only 1 PC hooked up.

I have my network here set up like this:
cable modem — small router (2 connections on router) — wireless router (2 laptops connected)

So do you have Two NIC’s on your desktop?:h:

i know wat ur talking about BadMagick. I did that and sometimes the wireless connection on my laptop died but wireless connection on my desktop never die. Thats why i want my laptop to be able to go to the internet through my desktop

My desktop have one NIC and one Wireless PCI. Any idea how to do that?