Networking Help!

Hey guys! I am having a bit of trouble with my network. I have a linksys 8 port router and everyhting was fine for a long time now. But all of a sudden this morning i restarted my PC and i cant get net to it. It doesnt see the router at all. I tried to ping the router from the command prompt but that didnt work either.

I really need net on my PC, i have tried a soft restart of the whole net work but to no avail. My Mac and all the other things on the router work, but not the PC.


Was this after you tried running Port Magic? :evil:

Check to see if your TCP/IP settings under Network Connections are set to automatically detect your gateway and connection (something like that).

If all else fails, run the Linksys setup wizard again on your PC. That has a magical way of fixing a lot of problems :slight_smile:

Kirupa - this was after installing. Maybe i should uninstall…

It got it! I just uninstalled PortMagic.

I guess thats a warning to all of you - port magic may disable your internet!!

hehe - which is why I didn’t even bother downloading it in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:

Well you could have warned me! The things i do in the name of War3…

hehe - I did! I told you that only 33% of people liked it, and I think I told grinch (or was it you?) that I wouldn’t need a 3rd party program to do something that should be relatively simple with our roters :slight_smile: You mentioned that’s why they have free trials.

They have free trials so you can uninstall the program without having to pay for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah that was me that you told but still…you could have used your über kirupa future seeing powers to tell me!

Only a farseer can do that :frowning: I am that weird troll hero that lays serpent wards and heals people.