Never Ending Story

Had one of these over at a Day Of Defeat server forum, always gets about 250 pages…

Basically :

I start with 3 words, the next person continues the story with another 3 words, and on, and on, and on… can get pretty funny… can’t believe you don’t already have one going. Kinda like word association but much more fluid…


Jim was walking
on a road
by the side
of a river
when he saw
a flying pig
that was blue
and had no
tail, which surprised
his wife, called
marjory, who didn’t
like pigs with
no tails or

… etc, etc

Try to punctuate properly too… not drastic, but best way to change the subject is using a “.” full stop… and as usual, no double posting… strictly…

3 words only

I’ll start with :

Bob walks into

Current compliation of the story can be found here:

overclock the CPU

and got rid of dictators.

Therefor we should

eat all of

our Kirupa goodness

and relax with our

silly friends under

the son of

our image tags

which are pure,

and have no

time to run where

otherwise we’d eat

a black sheep

with a frosty topping

of soy vanilla

bean under the

stars of night

which cause moles