New Animation. Cillit Bang


Hi I just finished my second animation (ever). Please tell me your thoughts, and opinions, but understand that i’m neither an experienced animator nor artist so…:stuck_out_tongue:

It’s called Cillit Bang, and it is a direct parody of a famous British comercial (although I understand it exists elsewhere, under different names) for a product of the same name. The lip synch is deliberately bad, as this is how it is in the original. If you want to see the original (which i suggest you do first if you havent seen it before) search google video for cillit bang.



[URL=“”]Cillit Bang


ha nice :slight_smile:




heh not bad at all :slight_smile:

we have this in Australia, it’s called “Easy Off Bam!” and i just can’t understand why the ad is so very lame and cheezy. It just makes me annoyed :stuck_out_tongue:




:lol: @ILikePie: Me either! :lol:

Thanks guys


Lol. Love it


LOL… nice one…


Thanks :smiley:


i love the tile with the help scrawled in it:lol:


lol yeah, its meant to be some sort of homage to silent hill or something liek that :stuck_out_tongue:


Goodie goodie :thumb:


Haha. Thanks Guys.


It only took you 9 years to come back to this thread? :stuck_out_tongue: