New art

Amazing what you get when you just fiddle around in Photoshop…

This piece started with 20 random white circles… First, I got something that looked like smoke, then went bananas!! :stuck_out_tongue:


… I love energy patterns…

OOOO Swirly =)

I likes :slight_smile:


Ouh, neato! But I don’t like the Kirupaforum thing at the bottom :-\

why not?

omg everything is s coool

I agree with ilyas about the bottom typo… I understand why you put it there, but from a design/art standpoint the picture would be better without it - IMO.

The main part is very cool though!

Peace :cowboy:

*Originally posted by eilsoe *
**why not? **
Seems out of place. Everything is vaporous and this is just too solid :stuck_out_tongue: