New At Flash

I’m just about new at flash and i had flash 5 was good to start off with before going onto flash mx. but i dont know flash so if anyone could please help me i would find someone to repay you, maybe give you a shout-out on my website ( when i learn flash and dreamweaver and make a .com ) My aim is SweetOnDaReal so if u cna post or aim me please do, i really wanan sit down and spend time learning this.

Well, sit down and do the tutorials, that will be a very good start.

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where should i go? basic flash 5 tuts?

Ok, my selection (the ones I found most useful) :
F5 Basic tutorials : Animated Rollover, Buttons (rollOvers), Linking a Button, Adding Sound To Buttons, Load Movies, naming movies (very important)

F5 Animation (most interesting for newbies) : Pool of Squares, Text Mask: Follow Mouse, Text Mask: Drag, Image Masking

F5 Advanced : Tell Target, Advanced Rollovers, More Tell Target, Follow Mouse

When you’re done with this… well we’ll see then.

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Also, check out the “Best of Kirupa” forum below. It’s got some of our best posts on basic and not so basic stuff.