New Backgrounds!

Hi all I made a new backgrounds for my site. Tell me if you think it’s a inprovement!

Site with new backgrounds

Here’s a screen-shot of the old site (without new backgrounds) to tell the difference:

I don’t know if the butterflies quite do it for me. You do a lot of great 3d work(butterflies included) and maybe I’m just too into all that abstract crap.

hmmm…hard to say

on one hand I can see the argument for leaving the background just grey but I can also see the argument for creating and adding the butterfiles image. I like both but perhaps with the butterflies there’s to much happening. Maybe a simple texture through the grey would’ve been enough, you don’t want the background to steal attention from the site itself.

Good work though :thumb:

how about if I turn the contrast down a bit on the butterflies? Would that make it better?


as I say I like it, it might just be a bit too much as it is now so yeah, maybe toning it down a bit would help