New Business Enterprise!

Well at school I and a few friends are entering in some business comp, basically we have to set up a company from scratch with our hard earned cash and run it for a year (or we can carry on afterwords if it works really well) and then we either lose money or we end up keeping the money we earned, simple enough!

BUT, I only have one not so verry good idea for what our company can do, we’re not all complete comp geeks but we all play comp games SO, I was gonna set up a lil site with flash games and such with adverts on which is where we make our money, but after thinking about it again I dont think its a very good idea.

Can anyone else sugfgest an idea my company could do, also we were going to call it ‘adrenaline Creations’ anyone got a better name I can use???

sorry for the long post :z: