New Computer Soon --- But What [?]

Well im going to be starting my multimedia course on the 21st Feb – So its comming up soon :hr: - Anyway my old Pentium 3 is starting to die for what I need her for :battery:- So im looking around for a new PC/Laptop. I thought it would be good to get peoples opinions from these forums as some of you guys use these fast machines and know how to reconmend what.

What I need it to do: My new Laptop needs to be able to use Photoshop/Flash/Dreamweaver/3DSMax & any other multimedia programs that I get in the future…also needs to be able to play Age Of Empires III :smiley: -

**Needs to last for: **It needs to last me about 4 years or there around, My P3 that I have now has lasted me about 4-5 years…

**Price Range: **There is a price range, but im not mentioning it here…but dont just reconmend EXPENSIVE machines!!

**Laptop Brands: **The only brands im currently looking at are: /Sony/Toshiba/HP

**PC or LAPTOP: **Laptop for sure now :smiley: - Im still going to keep my old PC to use linked with the laptop

Well hopefully some people will be able to help me with this, need any more info from me just post. Cheers Ben :nerd: