New experiment: LocalConnection

i made this very simple thing… just thought i’d share it :slight_smile:

source files:

have fun!
ahmed =)



Very impressive! Would you mind explaining how you did it?

Edit. Ok, I re-read and saw you included the source files, but for posterity and to bask in my own stupidity I will leave my above question.

could you have it write the information to a file, and have another window on another computer pull the info… If you did that and allowed the info to go both ways you could have to people drawing and the other seing it, maybe have two colors.

Downloaded it. :wink: Always wondered how that LocalConnection thingy worked. Thanks!

That’s impressive ahmed, good job. =)


very nice you psycho genius you

psycho genius indeed!:crazy:

SOAP - Nice footer, I really like it

sorry everyone… just had to get that out… back to ahmy-dahmy

wow, that’s really cool ahmed! :thumb:

lol :beam:

yup, LocalConnections are pretty cool and useful :), i made that file just to test them. Basically, you define function in the reciever file, and call it from the sender file. The hardest part really was to get the javascript to pop-up two windows :stuck_out_tongue: (i used lost’s ever-so-famous pop-up script)

a LocalConnection work on the same machine. To connect swfs over different machines togerther, you would use a NetConnection, and that requires FlashComm hosting and stuff, not as simple :slight_smile:

ohhhhhhh ok, now I see. I have a pop-up killer. I had no idea what everyone was talking about! lol that is killer ahmed :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :thumb:

LOL :beam: i hate pop-up killers…

Would anyone be interesting in a little tutorial about them? :slight_smile:

Or, to connect other machines together you could use XMLSocket, but that requires advanced server-side java and other stuff…

thought this game might interest you >>iSketch<<

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**LOL :beam: i hate pop-up killers…

Would anyone be interesting in a little tutorial about them? :slight_smile: **

why? i love mine (same one as jubba) but it makes a little noise when it blocks one, so when it blocked one of yours i just turned it off. so it was easy.

but that was amazing! a tut you say? yeah! :A+: man

**** ahmed ! How do you keep doing that !? :stuck_out_tongue: Great work man !! :thumb:

Excellent work man, I told ya you were a server-side flash genius!

I didn’t download the files, but I can tell you right now I know how it was done, just never thought about doing it :slight_smile:

Smart :thumb:

lol :beam:

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** to connect other machines together you could use XMLSocket
thought this game might interest you >>iSketch<< **

yeah, actually i’ve been experimenting with socket servers too lately :slight_smile:
iSketch’s pretty cool :beam:

pretty cool! I’d love to see the tute man !