New Flash Followthebeat Test

Ok heres my latest attempt… alot is still in the works like changing the graphics from vojets nav bar aligning the text so all of it shows on load etc and I need to add the sub menus on the right but I wanted a general hows it look/feel??? also I seem to be having some issues with the masks and the dynamic text not sure what it is but if anyone has seen it before and knows a remedy let me know it seems really odd to be honest although I think it may be a layering issue now that I think about it anyways enough rambling here is it:

I also want to take the captions off of the pictures and put them over the header on the left but I’m having issues figuing that out too (btw I’m using voets flashlevel nav bar recreation)

oh yeah I’ll add small sounds and a preloader although that preloader has and seems like it always will kick my arse I just can’t seem to get them to work :frowning: