New Flash Games

Hi there folks-

Brand new to the forum, so go easy on me!

I’ve just finished work on my first couple of Flash games, which you can have a look at at

Any input, advice, or feedback always welcome!



LoL! I love Joe Barbarian!

hey man

that’s cool, we done

i like the way you make your games

good luck mate

cheers :slight_smile:

lol…i can’t get pass the second level in joe…i’m so pathetic…:wink:

i see its 2003 but now 2020 and going thru old files on a jumpdrive. your site gone. did you have other games than Joe Barbarian?

You may have forgotten to set your clocks in the y2k crash because the year is 2021 :upside_down_face:


:smile: That old chestnut, when the world came to an end, all the hospital equipment shut down, the trains, the government collapsed, America Russia and China nuked each other cause Skynet took over… I’m surprised there wasn’t a run on the banks… Hackers everywhere would have been scheming to add Billions to accounts when the bank computers shut down :laughing: