New flash user in need of action help!

Hello All!

I would first like to start off by apologizing if this post is very trivial. I just started using Flash 3 days ago and have only had a book and a few online resources to go on. I’ve been doing very well so far but now I’m stuck on how to create an action to trigger an event.

Basically I’m playing a FLV file using the FLV Playback component what I want to happen is when the video finishes I would like to load a separate flash page or SWF file. Do I need to insert a cue point in my FLV file or is there just a simple action that can detect the file is done playing and then re-direct it to another page?

The other page is in the root level of my folder. I have figured out the click on a button and make it go to another SWF but this is a bit more tricky. Any and all help is very much appreciated. I hope I explained this properly!