New Flash Version?

Does anyone know when a new flash version will be coming out.

Thanks for any info!

hopefully quite a while. I feel as if I haven’t gotten my money’s worth out of 2004 yet.

There’s supposed to be a major update this fall, not so much new features as bug fixes. There’s a thread about it in the News forum -> or maybe it was mx2004. Not sure which, but I think it was discussed in the same thread as the bugs in mx2004 was.

I think this answer might be wrong because I don’t understand what you mean specifically or unless you’re being general, but:

MX2004 recently released. I don’t think they will have a new one out until next year ;). People have hardly mastered AS1.0 so AS2.0 was a big leap. Might be a while until something new happens. As of now mostly bug-fixes and extensions are coming out :).