New Futuristik re-design wanted!

Let me try to explain what i am after. My website at the moment looks like this:

I want a nice futuristic “gamer” like design. My website is about a small store I have where I sell some PS3, PS2, Wii Games and accesories etc.

Now the layout has to be like a general template, so its all the same for all categories, BUT, I would like a little “something” that just lets the person viewing te website know which category they are in…make sense?

I really like the designs over at:


those are some examples of what i am kinda after. I am not after FLASH, but some animations in there would be cool.

Let me know what you can do, how much? how long it will take?
I would really appreciate if you could send me some ideas, ie, just images of ideas, not a working copy…

The site is done in PHP.

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