New iPod

50% longer battery life, yum. Anyone else know more about it?

in my opinion, a useless feature:

being able to speed up your play.

i’m not one who listens to audiobooks. I read books.

I just got an iPod a couple months ago, so no new iPod for me. The only reason I would get it is the new battery life, which would be awesome. Oh well though.

Isn’t it rumored that the iPods’ battery life now dies about a year?

it does, and you have to pay rediculous amounts to replace it… let’s see if I can remember the site that has the video talking about it


I really hope they don’t give it a brushed metal touch scroller. That would be an error on there behalf.

you can now change the battery yourself, i forgot what company makes the kit, but it comes with a new battery and all the neccecaries to change it, and its not very expensive.

That’s a real improvement… :slight_smile:

i just bought an iPod, but i knew there wouldn’t be any featuers that would make me want to wait for the next gen. You can cop a battery here for pretty cheap if you want to change it yourself. Some good sources here on instructions for changing it yourself.

Well i still think ipods are a waste of money… i dont need to pay 300 bucks to hear music when im outside. And I dont think ill ever need that many songs in my pocket. The idea is nice, but come on. But hell, i dont even own a portable cd player! I gave up on all portable music devices after my minidisc player fell to pieces. Maybe I’d feel a little differently if i had an ipod, who knows.

Sounds like a lot of the info that I’ve heard about iPod’s low battery life was rumor and bad press. I thought this was pretty interesting…

Not that this has anything to do with the new iPod :player:

Get one. Trust me… I never have money, I’m a smelly pauper student. But I saved for it, and I love it to bits. Hell if you order through Apple, they even engrave your name in the **** thing!

You can get similarly specced players for less money with extra features such as direct mp3 encoding, built in radios and better battery life. Of course the iPod is supposed to be extra stylish, but it doesn’t look that great if you ask me. Oh and too many people have got one