New MC format for me

Hey lostinbeta and flex, and anyone else that cares to, please take a look at this new attempt of mine. I’ve used some of the MC loading techniques we discussed the other night, and this MC should load a lot faster as well. It is still in the works, but I just wanted more eyes on it then mine. Still new at Flash, but learning.
No preloader yet, and the feedback form does not have any code to it yet.
Open to all feedback, please.



The page does not load. I get a page cannot be displayed error.

me too


hmmmmmmmm… let me go and look at that…


it really helps if one types in the correct path…

That is pretty good for being new at Flash. I still can’t make a decent layout to save my life.

How long have you been using Flash?

been messing with it for about a month now. Reading a lot of tutorials and experimenting. I have also received some good help from you folks, thanks for that.

I really want to add one of those scrolling gallery bars, like the one here

Thank you for the feedback

That is good for a month. I have been Flashing for 3 months and I can’t design a Flash layout to save my life!

As for the scrolling thing at sony, I am sure I would be able to help you there, but right now I haven’t slept for days and am not at the top of my game, and I am going to my cabin this weekend and not going to be around much tomorrow. So I actually wouldn’t be too much help. Hopefully someone else can help you there:)

we all need down time, not a prob at all. Sound great to escape to the cabin. hope you have a blast.

I was in the Flashkit forum earlier and saw a post on the MAMMA of all (something or other) and it had 2 miles of code pasted in. It is supposed to be that answer to all gallery issues. I may have to go and look at that a bit. No way that I understand the code though, but I am learning what it all means though…

Thanks me45. Sorry I couldn’t help more.

NP. It is coming up on 1 am here and my pillow is calling, so off I go to slumber land. Ciao…