New MovieClipLoader

can anybody help out with the new MovieClipLoader?

i trully don’t know why it’s acting up…

all i have on the stage is an empty mc called “mc” and a dynamic tf “feedback”

i want to trace the very first bytes that are loaded withing the onLoadStart callback

myMCL=new MovieClipLoader();

myMCL.onLoadStart=function(target){"LoadStarted ";
		stats=myImage.getProgress(target);"Loaded"+stats.bytesLoaded+" ";"Total"+stats.bytesTotal+" ";
myMCL.loadClip("more.jpg", mc);

returns “LoadStarted Loaded0 Total0 LoadComplete”
why can’t it trace the loaded bytes and total bytes. What can go wrong? I’m testing locally through a browser and online…
thanks for any help…