New nav problem >> continued!

Ok, so I fixed the first problem, but when I called that movie into another movieclip, the animations don’t run correctly. So my question now is how to nest the movie clips appropriately? dealing with things such as _root.whatever or this._parent.whatever etc. etc. I believe that the movie that I’m trying to load into the main navigation is nested 3 deep. The movie clip is ran by an advanced rollover…does any of this make sense or am I just shooting in the dark? (if anyone is confused look for my other post that I posted today with the fla’s.)THANKS!

here is the nests as I have it now…

-nav.swf (loads into the root_nav mc container on the main.swf)
-arch_nav.swf (loads into container mc container on the nav.swf from the advanced rollover architecture_button)

Here is the code for that button:

this.onEnterFrame = function(){
if(rewind == true){
this.onRollOver = function(){
rewind = false;
this.onRollOut = function(){
rewind = true;
this.onRelease = function(){
 if (this._root.currMovie == undefined) {
  this._root.currMovie = "arch_nav";
 } else if (this._root.currMovie != "arch_nav") {
  if (this._root.container._currentframe >= this._root.container.midframe) {
   this._root.currMovie = "arch_nav";;