New Nvidia drivers (53.03) - official release

(XP/2000 folks).

installed them a few days ago, and they are working a treat :slight_smile:
Ive noticed improvement in perfromance and also clarity of my desktop (text + icons).

recommended!! :thumb:

Installed these, and now IE doesn’t work anymore!
On click of the link or exe, the window flashes but never shows, it’s not running either in the processes, when i click a .htm, .html or other associated file, i get an alert saying there’s no associated softaware for this & to go 'n fix this in folder options (which i tried), when i tried to reinstall IE6 it wouldn’t let me coz I’ve got a never version (6.01) already, so I’m stuck!
No way I would format or rollback, too much hassle, so: how to fix IE???
Thx anybody… :frowning:
(using the new dev version from MS to write this, doesn’t need any installer, pops up at least two alerts per page here thx to EOLAS !!)

why would IE stuff up with video card drivers?