New Nvidia drivers (53.03) - official release

(XP/2000 folks).

Its nvidia anyway!

I’ve got an asus graphics card which seems to like to run on nvidia drivers. even on the asus cd it takes me to nvidia’s site, i think theres some sort of partnership thing between asus and nvidia.

Every so often my screen goes black, like when scrolling up or down it suddenly goes black for a sec or two!

Any ideas?, do i need a new card?
I tried reinstalling drivers, but no luck!


And my IE problem is back!
Just getting a CD ready for a complete reinstall of XP…
(all my softs, + data backup)

I can’t be bothered with windows now, the frequent crashes and the other stuff! :crazy:

Just switch to linux!, or mac . . . anything but windows.

I know that some apps won’t work on linux so its a shame that there is still a need for most people to dual-boot in most secenario’s, but at least you’ll have another stable-easy to use system when you decide enough is enough! :beer: