New Photos...agian lol

hey everyone, its been a long time since i’ve been on kirupa, i’ve just been so busy with summer activities, but things are winding down a little now, as college is about to start. Here’s a bunch of photos i’ve taken this summer! thought i’d share. :slight_smile:

I was at a friends house and found a pokemon card, and thought it would make a nice colorful subject to go with the bright colors of her “bonus room.” Turned out looking pretty trippy lol.

This was just a test shot actually, I made a ring flash out of a bowl and a flowerpot. With the combination of a fisheye and a blue flash in the background, the picture turned out looking kinda cool i thought!

This was from a trip into the mountains with a friend, we didnt even realize we could see that nice mountain in the distance until we were about ready to leave! glad i didnt miss it.

A lake we found after a couple mile hike, it was amazing, i didnt have a wide enough lens with me to capture it all!

A friend of mine needed a black and white headshot, and this is what I came up with. It was a fun shoot, I used her house as a reflector to light her hair and a small flash to put a glint in her eyes

The picture in the magazine is actually one of my photos that got published, but we ran out of wood while camping and the magazine was the only burnable thing in my car :stuck_out_tongue: When we through it in i saw the contrast between the picture (peace) and the fire and took a picture before it burned up completely. haha

This was taken with a used nikon film camera i picked up. I was just messing around, film is fun!

My tent on a recent camping trip with friends.

At a drag race i went up onto the track to take this (i think think they thought i was a official photographer?) I love how you can see the tire bunched up under the force of the engine. really cool!

Practicing with camera panning, this car was going at least a couple hundred mph haha

annyway guys, thats all for now! hope you like em! feel free to comment. and as always, these photos and more are on my flickr page too!