New Photos

I went out with my digital camera this weekend to shoot some pictures, and ran across this old truck outside of Panora, Iowa. It’s so ugly it’s beautiful. Here are a couple of the pictures that I came out with. I used my sepia filter on my camera for most of them because I thought it just fit hehe.

Anyway, these are right off of the camera, I haven’t edited them yet. I think I’m going to go through and edit the levels, brightness, and contrast just a bit.

Comments and Criticism Welcome.

I think it goes without saying, but these images are copyright of me. If you want to give a shot at editing them or whatever, that’s cool, but just be sure to give credit :wink:

Thanks guys.

Images’ sizes reduced.

Hehe, sorry, I haven’t gotten around to editing them yet, doesn’t your browser resize them for you? (That’s what IE does)

I turned that crap off after it got really annoying. I’l try it though.

Not if you turn that feature off :wink:

Why not just open them in Photoshop and run a batch to resize them?

What is this “batch” that you speak of?

The second one is my favourite. It looks like a skull. Great shots.

Go to Actions Panel. Create a New action. Record the resize process. Then either click play for that action on each photo or use the batch process to run on all the photos. Photoshop help might have more details on steps for running a batch, or try google.

OK, done,now they’re 1/4 of the size they were. 300kb now. Hope that’s better :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: I like the second one too, not sure if it’s my favorite though.

I like them. What kind of camera did you shoot them on?

Would have been cool if you got some more macro photos of some of the details of the truck. Would have liked to have seem some looking through the broken glass shots too.

Also I think that choose life sign in the background would have been great to have more. The contrast of this truck way beyond death, and the choose life sign…

nice work though.

i like the last one!

thanks :slight_smile:

It’s a Sony DSC-F828, Imitation SLR, 8MP.

I tried getting some through broken glass shots, but the inside wasn’t photogenic at all. If it had been the other window that was half broken i could have gotten the steering wheel and dash board, but that window was completely gone.

Yep, the sign was pretty ironic huh? hehe.

brad -

Can I see “DSC04165.JPG” in color? Or was it on Sepia?

I think they are awesome man. Nice work!

I love old trucks like that!

Thanks pr. It was sepia though, sorry :frowning: I might do a follow up in a little while, I go by this 4 times a week, so it shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll try to do some more color ones.

i like them, but they need some photoshop work done to em’. In some of the pics there are new buildings and cars in the shot…kinda ruins it for me :wink:

Yeah, it would have been better if it was in the middle of nowhere, but it was in a used car lot hehe. I don’t think that I’m going to heavily manipulate these though, probably just stuff you can do in the dark room. If you want to give it a shot though, be my guest :wink: