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Hey everyone,

Ok, so what are the options when it comes to purchasing photoshop?

It seems so incredibly expensive for the simply personal use that I would put it to. Even at JourneyEd it’s $300, which is waaaay out of my price range. Now I don’t want anyone to get the wrong impression and think I’m asking about cra**ing or anything, but are there any other solutions to having to shell out all the money for photoshop?



Not that I know of. $300 is cheap even if it’s only for personal use. I mean, I’ve gotten 100x the satisfaction that $300 could buy me.

Is there an Academic / stripped down version that teacher can get, without all the
hooplas? My teacher has that and she paid about a hundred. It has all the layers, mask, etc the basic just not 400 default gradients and 873 brushes.
You might wanna look into that avenue.

I think there is (educational version), but you gotta show that you’re an educator and not just trying to get a deal.

e-bay, also there is a program by jasc call paint shop pro. While it is not advanced as PS, you can pull off cool stuff with it (at least I can). Only costs like 79 bucks. And it has a dotted line tool…PS doesn’t ([email protected] adobe)

That’s the one…

Only costs like 79 bucks. And it has a dotted line tool…PS doesn’t ([email protected] adobe)
there is a workaround. Sortof.

I’ve been using PSP too (don’t buy the huge PSP 700 page long ‘guide’ with it though. It’s useless) but its layer structure is far from being anything close to the usefulness of PS.

there is a cut down version of photoshop, called photoshop elements. its sorta directed to the market of digital camera users who want to touch up pictures with filters and all that, sorta a simplified photoshop.

elements + album


  • elements contains actually pretty good things that PS doesn’t have; the stitch it (panorama maker), good color correction; and straightening your images though… I found it was extremely pleasant to work with, and I often compare the quality of elements to that of PSP

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Machuse, that’s not supported here, I suggest you delete your post.

Try I think they had a student version for like 170 or so.

no offence but isnt this just as bad as warez, if your not a student trying to get a student version is just as bad right???

I aploigize for the post (should have looked at rules) but

no its not! In order to get a student discount they usually ask you to prove it in the form of class schedule or something…And even then you are paying. hhhmmmmm… 0 money vs some money???..I think I’ll take some money. Student software is not putting software developers out of business. Machuse I am going to delete your other post because I do not think yuo are serious about the bringing clients thing…end of subject.

And maybe I am a student…hmmm???